Monday, 24 July 2017

How to use Rainmeter to Customize your Windows Desktop - Installation

In my Previous Article, I shared my Rainmeter Layout on my Desktop. Rainmeter is an application for customizing your Desktop which works by Installing skins. There is a very large community of Rainmeter users who are actively developing and making new skins.

I had shared some of the skins in my Previous Article on my Desktop Customization with Rainmeter. You can read it here.

In this article we will first Install Rainmeter and then look at some Customized Rainmeter Desktops!

Installing Rainmeter -

First you need to download the Rainmeter Installer from its Official Website (Recommended).

After Downloading Rainmeter, run the Installer as Administrator and give the required Permissions. Now select the desired option and click Next. 'Standard Installation' is Recommended but if you are installing it in a removable drive then select 'Portable Installation'.
Note: If you are selecting 'Portable Installation' then you will manually need to install the required libraries.
Rainmeter Installer
Now in the next window you will have to select the location where you want to install Rainmeter. After browsing the location, check the 'Install 64-bit version' if you are installing it on a 64-bit OS Installation. Also keep the 'Launch Rainmeter on Startup' box checked (Recommended) to launch it as soon as Windows Boots.
Rainmeter Installer - Window 1
After selecting the desired options click on Install to install Rainmeter, Now after the Installation process is finished check the box 'Run Rainmeter' and click on Finish.
Finishing with the Installation
We have successfully installed Rainmeter, now we will have a look at some of the customized Rainmeter Desktops. I will also give a link to the tutorial, so that you can apply that theme if you like it.

My Rainmeter Customized Desktop 

My Rainmeter Customized Desktop!
I have shared this before, and the tutorial is also there on my blog. You can check it out here for full tutorial with all the required links.


Looks Great right..? This was shared on DeviantArt, you can find all the other details here.

Legacy:Minimalism Evil

Legacy:Minimalism Evil
Woo! This is Awesome! Insanely Awesome.. You can find the Skins here. However the Wallpaper is not shared, you can find the Wallpaper here. If the links are broken then comment below, I will fix them as soon as I can.

So which one did you like? Comment Below! If you have more insane skins then do comment below, I will add them to this list. Well, I feel my Desktop is Cool!
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