Sunday, 30 July 2017

How to make Start Menu full screen in Windows 10

After that Windows 8 Start Menu which was a really bad concept, there is something new in Windows 10 Start Menu. It is similar to the Windows 7 Start Menu, but there's more in that. You can resize it, customize it, live tiles and more... You can even make it Full Screen!
Windows 10 Start Menu
The Full Screen Start Menu is a great option for touch devices. To use Full Screen Start Menu,
First go to Start, then click on Gear Icon which will open Settings or you can simply search Settings on Cortana.
After opening the Setting App, go to Personalization and then Click on start from the Right Sidebar and then scrolling through the options click on 'Use Start full screen' and that's all you need for a full screen Start Menu.
My Desktop
How is this..? Isn't this cool.. All this customization is done with Rainmeter. For Full Tutorial follow this link - How to customize your Windows Desktop with Rainmeter.
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