Wednesday, 26 July 2017

How to Install WordPress Locally via WAMP Server on Windows

Installing WordPress has always been easy... No? Then probably you haven't read our article on Installing WordPress Manually Using cPanel. But what if you don't have a Hosting but still want to use WordPress?

In this article we will be learning How to Install WordPress Locally via WAMP Server on Windows! Yes, you can install WordPress on your Windows Desktop for testing/learning purpose. It is a great way to test any major change in your site.
Note: By Using this Method only you will be able to see the Site, if you want your site to be live then you need to get Hosting & Domain.
You can see the video above, or else if you don't like the video or want to read then continue with this article.

Required -

First you need to download the WAMP Server and Install It.
Note: WAMP Installation not covered in this article.
After Installing WAMP, download WordPress Software and Extract it.
Download WordPress Software
After Extracting you will get a folder named wordpress, now copy this folder to C:\wamp\www and C:\wamp64\www in 64-bit Installation.
Copy wordpress Folder to wamp\www
After copying the wordpress folder, start the WAMP Engine and wait for the icon to turn green then go to localhost/phpmyadmin and there type in username as 'Root' and leave the password box blank and click on Go.
Username is Root and Leave the Password Box Blank and press Go
Now you will log in to phpmyadmin, Now we will have to create a Database. There click on Databases box and you will be taken to another page there type Database Name and click on Create.
Creating Database in phpmyadmin
Now we have completed creating a Database for phpmyadmin, this will be used for installing WordPress. Now go to the wordpress folder where we have the wordpress script. In my case it is in C:\wamp64\www. There you will see a file named wp-config-sample, rename this file to wp-config and open it in Notepad to edit.

Now here in this file you need to enter your Database name and user which is root and password which you have to leave as blank.
Replace Database_Name_Here by your Database Name and rest of the lines must match this Image!
Yes! We have completed the editing work. Now goto localhost/wordpress (If you have not renamed the folder). There you will get to a page, you have to select your language then click on continue. Now you have to enter the site title, Admin Username, Password and E-Mail Address.
Fill the details and click on Install WordPress
After Filling the Details click on Install WordPress then go to login page by typing in the url localhost/wordpress/wp-admin. Here login using your Username and Password and Bang! 
You will be taken to the Dashboard. Your WordPress Dashboard, also you can view the site live at localhost/wordpress.

If you want to Install WordPress on your site then follow this tutorial - How to Manually Install WordPress Using cPanel.

You’ve successfully completed the installation. Now it’s time to explore the world of WordPress, I am sure you will have a wonderful experience with WordPress.
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