Friday, 21 July 2017

How to customize your Windows Desktop with Rainmeter

Looks Cool Right..? This is my Windows 10 Desktop customized with Rainmeter!
Everything you see there is live the Icons Fade to 50% on Hover, there is a sound when you click on those buttons below. You can also search on Google and Youtube right from your Desktop!

Sounds Cool...!! OK Now Shut Up and tell me the Steps..... Moving on to the tutorial...

Things you'll require -

After getting the required programs, you need to install Rainmeter.If you don't know How to Install Rainmeter then follow this tutorial! After installing Rainmeter, install the Skins that we have downloaded.
Installing Rainmeter Skins
You will have to install all the skins that we will require. Links are there above. After Installing the Skins you need to Load the Required Skins.

You will need to load all the required skins. Below is the image of Skins that you need to load.

Ignore Win10 Widget it is the volume Widget on the right-bottom of my Desktop. It is not required, load all the other required Widgets.

Now everything will be scattered, you will need to adjust everything and then untick Draggable after adjusting all the Widgets in their position.
Untick Draggable
We are almost done, now you will have to set the Wallpaper, but before doing that you need to configure the Widgets. If you encounter any problems in configuring them then comment below, I will reply you back with the correct code.

Wallpaper Used -

To Save this Wallpaper right-click on the Wallpaper and select Save As and Download it.

Result -

Done! Do Share your Desktop Screenshot below!

You can also Customize it in your own way! It is really interesting work to do, I guarantee that you will really enjoy it! It's time to discover new Widgets for Rainmeter. Here is a Blog Post by LikelyLive on 20 Best Rainmeter Skins for 2017.
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