Friday, 21 July 2017

How to customize your Windows Desktop with Rainmeter

Looks Cool Right..? This is my Windows 10 Desktop customized with Rainmeter!
Everything you see there is live the Icons Fade to 50% on Hover, there is a sound when you click on those buttons below. You can also search on Google and Youtube right from your Desktop!

Sounds Cool...!! OK Now Shut Up and tell me the Steps..... Moving on to the tutorial...

Things you'll require -

After getting the requires programs, you need to install Rainmeter. After installing Rainmeter, install the Skins that we have downloaded.
Installing Rainmeter Skins
You will have to install all the skins that we will require. Links are there above. After Installing the Skins you need to Load the Required Skins.

You will need to load all the required skins. Below is the image of Skins that you need to load.

Ignore Win10 Widget it is the volume Widget on the right-bottom of my Desktop. It is not required, load all the other required Widgets.

Now everything will be scattered, you will need to adjust everything and then untick Draggable after adjusting all the Widgets in their position.
Untick Draggable
We are almost done, now you will have to set the Wallpaper, but before doing that you need to configure the Widgets. If you encounter any problems in configuring them then comment below, I will reply you back with the correct code.

Wallpaper Used -

To Save this Wallpaper right-click on the Wallpaper and select Save As and Download it.

Result -

Done! Do Share your Desktop Screenshot below!
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How to Password Protect Your WordPress Admin (wp-admin) Directory

Each and every WordPress users know the login page that is First thing hackers try on these WordPress site is to access your site through wp-login page.

WordPress websites and blogs are prone to Brute Force attacks and a recommended way to prevent your site against such attacks is to protect your wp-admin folder with a password. In this article, we will show you a step by step guide on how to password protect your WordPress admin (wp-admin) directory.

To keep things easy and simple, we will only cover cPanel web hosting companies here just because cPanel has an easy enough interface to add password protected directories.

Using cPanel Directory Privacy -

Login to your cPanel. Scroll down till you see the Security Tab. Click on the “Directory Privacy” icon.

When you click on that, you will be taken to another page asking directory location. Just click on web root. Once you are there, navigate to the folder where your WordPress is hosted. Then click on the /wp-admin/ folder. You will see a screen like this:

Now next you will be taken to another page, which will look somewhat like the image below. We are setting permission for /home/xyz/public_html/wordpress-installation/wp-admin. Now simply check the box Password Protect this directory then give a name and click on save.

Now we need to create a user for accessing the Directory. Type your desired username and password.
Pro Tip: Use Password Generator to Generate Password.

Manual Method -

First create a .htpasswds file. You can do so easily by using this generator. Upload this file outside your /public_html/ directory. You can upload this anywhere but outside public_html, the location we will use for this tutorial is
Then, create a .htaccess file and upload it in /wp-admin/ directory. Then add the following codes in there:
AuthName "Admins Only"
AuthUserFile /home/directory/.htpasswds/public_html/wp-admin/passwd //Replace with your location of .htpasswds
AuthGroupFile /dev/null
AuthType basic
require user usernamehere //Replace with your username
You must update your username in there. Also don’t forget to update the AuthUserFile location path.

If you have any issues regarding this tutorial or if you get stuck somewhere then comment below or you can also contact me using this page.
Source for Code
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Saturday, 8 July 2017

How to create a Fake File in Windows

In Windows PC, there are many commands and Hidden features that we don’t know. In this post, I am showing you How you can make a fake file of any size in any format.

From this Windows Trick you can make fake music file, documents file, movie file, audio file in any size whatever you want.

Benefits of this Tricks:

  1. You can make any type of file at any size in just seconds.
  2. Troll your friends.
  3. Fill any empty Pendrive/Drive in just seconds.

Creating Fake File in Windows using CMD

  1. Press windows button and type cmd, Select cmd.ex and right click on it Run as administrator.
  2. Type fustil command and see below for example.
fsutil file createnew C:trickspit.pdf 5000000
change “trickspit” with your file name
 change”.pdf″ with your file extension
 change “5000000” with your file size

Creating Fake File in Windows using Dummy File Creator

You can also create fake file using Dummy File Creator, A simple program which generates files of any size with ease. Very useful for disk speed test, CD burning test, network speed test, or simply create files to fool your friends. This program also has a built-in random function, so users can choose to create either compressible or non-compressible files.
You can download it here.
If you have any suggestions or encounter any errors then comment below! If you like this post then don't forget to share this with your friends!
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Sunday, 2 July 2017

How to Bypass Youtube Age Restriction

Most of you might have come across the Youtube age verification check at least once. As you know, this happens when you are under 18 or if you are not signed in. If you still want to watch the video then there are many tricks there to watch them! Cool Huh.. Youtube will only provide many such tutorials. In this article we're sharing some of the Best Methods to do it.

Why use these tricks instead of logging to Youtube?

Maybe you are somewhere on public computer  (library,school etc) and you do not want to sign in with your username/password just to view a funny video that your friend shared because you don't know how safe this computer is or maybe you don't even know your password.
Advantages of these Methods:
  • You don't have to login to watch the video.
  • You don't need to create a fake account in order to watch the video.
  • Watch the video without compromising on Quality.

1. URL Trick

The URL trick is one of the easiest ways to bypass youtube age restriction. You will simply have to change the “watch?v=” with “embed/”.
Example: (Only for Demonstration)
Old URL:
New URL:

2. NSFW Youtube

This is one of the most popular and the age-old trick to bypass youtube age restriction. The fact it has become so popular is due to the simplicity of usage. You just need to append “NSFW” before youtube in the URL and the restricted video will be played on the website.

It is really easy to use. Here's here you can do it:
1. Search for the video which you want to watch.

2. Now go to that video and change to or simply add nsfw before youtube.

That's it, Now you can watch the video without any restriction on

3. Downloading the Video

An easier way to bypass youtube age restriction is to download the age restricted video using any youtube downloader software or websites. Thus you can watch the video over and over again without having to bypass the age verification each time.
I prefer KeepVid to download the age-restricted video.
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Saturday, 1 July 2017

How to Manually Install WordPress Using cPanel

Installing WordPress these days is really easy. WordPress powers 25% of the Web today, so most hosting companies provide 1 click install for WordPress. You can go with it, if you are having trouble with this method, this article will cover the steps needed to install WordPress manually. In this tutorial we’re using cPanel to install WordPress.

Things Required for Manual Installation-

  • WordPress SoftwareDownload the latest version from official download page official download page.
  • cPanel access to create a database and also for installing WordPress.
  •  Patience and Dedication to learn something New!

Creating MySQL Database

First we need to create a MySQL Database using MySQL Database Wizard. Login to cPanel and then scroll below to Databases Section.

Now give a name to your database. In this tutorial I name my database as -> You can use any name which you like. After that click on Next Step.

Now you need to give a username and password to your newly created database. My suggestion, use password generator there to create a strong and complex password. Again Database name is totally your choice, you can use any name you want.

Once you click on Create user, next step is to give privilege to the users. On the next page, click on all privileges to newly created user and click on next step.
You did it! Now let’s move to next step, ie., Installing WordPress.

Installing WordPress via cPanel

I assume that you’ve downloaded the WordPress Installation files. Now Navigate to the public_html directory and upload the files there. 

I assume that you’ve downloaded the Wordpress Installation files. Now Navigate to the public_html directory and upload the files there. In this tutorial, I’m uploading to public_html/testsite because I’m installing WordPress on a sub-domain. In my case WordPress will be installed in

After Uploading the file, Extract it to public_html. After Extracting it you will get a folder WordPress, open that folder select all the files from there and move them to public_html and later delete the folder WordPress. If you leave the files in that folder then WordPress will be installed in

We’re almost done, now you need to configure the installation. You can do this directly by editing wp-config.php file or else Execute WordPress Manual Install Script. I will recommend not to edit wp-config.php file and go with the second method which is more safe!

Database Name, Username, Password - Used during database creation.
Database Host - Mostly localhost, Click here to find your Database Host.
Table Prefix - You can use any, by default is wp_. I suggest to change it to something else.

After clicking on Submit button you will be redirected to another page saying Run the Install, if you’re getting an error then check your Database Name and other details again!

Now click on Run the Install and then fill in the required information. Here you select the Username and Password with which you will be able to access your Admin Dashboard, so I recommend using a Strong Username and Password Combination.
Pro tip: Use a Strong Password & Store it in a Safe Location.

You did it! We’ve Completed with the WordPress Installation. Now you can log in to your Dashboard with your New Username and Password! To login go to where you will have to replace yourdomain by the name of your domain.

You’ve successfully completed the installation. Now it’s time to explore the world of WordPress, I am sure you will have a wonderful experience with WordPress.
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Friday, 30 June 2017

How to Access Websites Blocked by your ISP

There are websites on internet which provide you with quality content irrespective of your country. Unfortunately, most of these websites have the restriction that only allows people from a particular region or country to be able to access their content. Now this is bad 🙁 If anyone from outside the ‘Allowed’ Region or country tries to access such a website, they are greeted with an error message. In such case if you still need to access the content then you need to disguise your location and pretend to be in the allowed region.
Isn’t it awesome? The same internet provides the solution also! There are many effective ways to access blocked websites easily.

Methods to Access Blocked Websites

How to Access Region Restricted Website?

-Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) Service

You might know this, Virtual Private Network – better known as VPN is used to create an encrypted connection and tunnel all your requests/traffic through the encrypted connection. So, when you are using a VPN you’re actually accessing the site indirectly through the VPN Server. So, your location will be shown as the location of the VPN Server.
For example, if you want to access a site available only for USA Users, and you live in India. Then you can use a VPN and access the site. My Favourite Public Free VPN Service is Hotspot Shield.

-Using Tor Browser

Tor Browser is another method for anonymous web access.Tor is software that allows users to browse the Web anonymously.
Developed by the Tor Project, a nonprofit organization that advocates for anonymity on the internet, Tor was originally called The Onion Router because it uses a technique called onion routing to conceal information about user activity.

How to Access Sites which are blocked by Local Network?

When compared to regional blocking, this is really easy to surpass. VPN Services and Tor Network is also effective in this case.

-Using IP Address instead of URL

If your Network Adminstrator has blocked some specific URLs like or then you can access them by their IP Address instead of URL. In this case it is better to find the IP instead of going with Tor Network or VPN Services
You can easily find the IP using CMD. Just type:
*Replace by the domain of which IP you want to know. Note: The Result may differ, this was IPv6 address of
If the site is up and running then in seconds you will get a response from CMD. Alternatively you can use Get Site IP to get the IPv4 Address of the URL.
Hereafter you can use the IP Address to visit that Site directly instead of the URL.

-Using Google Translate

This is really a cool technique to access a website that is blocked in your network. For this you need to use Google Translate.
After typing the URL, click on the translated link and once the site is loaded click on ‘Original’ Method to load the actual content. You’re using the Website through Google Servers, you won’t be exposed.

We have listed 4 Methods of Accessing Blocked Websites. We have divided them as per the scenario. So, you have better options to chose in your case. I Hope this article helped you! If so, then don’t forget to comment below.
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